We are Good+Foundation. Our unique model of pairing essential goods with innovative services creates an upward trajectory for under-resourced families.

The Father Factor.

Our Work

Founded in 2001, Good+Foundation is a leading national non-profit that works to dismantle multi-generational poverty by pairing tangible goods with innovative services for under-resourced fathers, mothers, and caregivers, creating an upward trajectory for the whole family.

With warehouses in New York City and Los Angeles, Good+Foundation partners with approximately 126 innovative anti-poverty programs across the country. Our goal is to incentivize parental enrollment and participation in programs like counseling, health services, employment assistance, financial literacy, co-parenting classes, and more.

It took most of our first decade to fully appreciate that our culture, policy, and social service providers were treating fathers as secondary, nonessential actors in children’s well-being. We saw very few programs supporting dads, even though children in homes with engaged fathers are more likely to be financially stable than single-parent households.  

In 2010, Good+Foundation expanded programming to intentionally include fathers. Stronger fathers build stronger, more resilient families, which are the backbone of thriving communities. The more we invest in fathers and in their capacity to be engaged co-parents, the greater impact we see on children and families as a whole.

An external evaluation of Good+Foundation's work found that 93 percent of fathers receiving donations found that their relationship with their children improved, while 82 percent of fathers reported improved relationships with their children's mother and/or other relatives. Additionally, 97 percent of fathers said that donations made them want to continue the life-changing programs provided by Good+ partners.

Good+ continues to provide partners with workshops aimed at building capacity in areas such as father engagement and trauma-informed care. We have now provided more than 10.5 million hours of training to 25,817 social workers and other client service professionals. These sessions have also provided insights into working with diverse populations, implicit and explicit biases, and microaggressions that fathers experience.

In 2020, Good+ began to offer Family Cash Grants to address the immediate needs of families on both coasts. Since then, we have distributed more than $1.1 million in funds that have helped families pay for rent, groceries, childcare, medical costs, and other essentials.  

Child and baby

"Week after week, I showed up for parenting and financial literacy classes. In exchange for hitting milestones, I earned diapers, toys, and books from Good+. These tools gave me self-esteem to feel like a capable dad."

– A father enrolled in a Good+ partner program

Good+Foundation is partnering with Ascend at the Aspen Institute to address outdated child support laws through state-level reform by advocating for right-sized payments, co-parenting support and services, and alternatives to punishments for non-compliance. Read more about the evidence-informed approach to child support.

The organization has, for the eleventh consecutive year, earned a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator – the highest rating possible – as well as a GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance for transparency, efficiency, and operations.

Man holding baby

“Our failure to help men become strong fathers today sets in motion a series of negative outcomes that will likely last decades. By better engaging fathers, we are giving moms – whose responsibilities and stress are endless – a co-parent. Investing in dads and giving them the opportunity to become part of the family helps children and builds stronger communities.”

– Good+Foundation Founder and Board Chair Jessica Seinfeld

What Families Get

Essential items for parents

Essential items like cribs, diapers, and strollers to contribute to a healthier, safer environment for parents and children.

Father with boy

Access to innovative family services like job training, couples counseling, parenting classes, GED preparation, and more.


Life-changing support to engage fathers, support mothers, and improve outcomes for children across generations.

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