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  • 2016 Annual Report

    Thursday, February 16, 2017

    Founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001, GOOD+ Foundation (formerly Baby Buggy) is a nonprofit organization that partners with a national network of leading programs to break the cycle of family poverty through the power of essential children’s products and life-changing family services. GOOD+ Foundation partners with programs that have demonstrated a capacity to address family poverty in three focus areas: supporting new mothers, investing in early childhood and engaging fathers. The organization has been rated 4-Stars by Charity Navigator and received national accreditation from the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance for its efficient fundraising and operations.  


    Our fifteenth year saw our evolution from Baby Buggy to GOOD+ Foundation, as well as a record number of volunteers, corporate product donations, and foundation grants. Our programs and operations continued to see growth as well, with our ever-expanding network in Los Angeles and key cities like Baltimore, the hiring of our first-ever Fatherhood Program Manager, and the independent evaluation of our Fatherhood Program, to highlight just a few. While we can celebrate some of the milestones of 2016, our team is always mindful of the hard truth: a staggering 1 in 5 children lives in poverty right here in the United States. 


    GOOD+ Foundation donated 2,508,449 items to our grantee partners in all of 2016. In total, GOOD+ Foundation met 93% of critical gear requests for the year, the highest percentage in the organization’s history. This includes: 1435 strollers, 1047 front carriers, 731 feeding seats, 521 playpens, 470 car seats, 351 cribs, 326 breast pumps, 261 safety gates, and 164 double strollers.


    GOOD+ Foundation made donations to 155 program partners in 2016, including donations to 58 network program partners, 8 “crisis intervention” partners in NY; 67 network program partners, 13 “crisis intervention” partners in LA; and 10 other National programs: Center for Urban Families – Baltimore Fatherhood Program, Authority Health – Detroit Nurse-Family Partnership, Charleston Nurse-Family Partnership, Parkland Hospital – Dallas Nurse-Family Partnership, Goodwill Industries – Indianapolis Nurse-Family Partnership, Salt Lake City Health Dept. – Utah Nurse-Family Partnership, Columbus Diaper Coalition – Columbus, OH, Helping Mamas – Atlanta, GA Diaper Bank (Sister Site), Operation Showers of Appreciation – San Diego, CA, and Help A Mother Out – San Francisco. Since its founding in 2001, GOOD+ Foundation has donated a total of 20,724,887 million items – including 8,372 cribs and 11,799 strollers – to hundreds of thousands of families in need.


    Key Programs

    Supporting New Mothers

    GOOD+ Foundation donated to 22 Nurse-Family Partnership programs (LA, NYC, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Charleston, and Dallas), serving 6,193 families and distributing 178,210 items.


    Engaging Fathers

    GOOD+ Foundation’s Fatherhood Initiative served 1,734 families and distributed 156,978 items across 29 programs in LA and NYC, and Baltimore, MD.  An independent evaluation of our fatherhood program showed that our efforts in this arena are definitely making a difference for dads, children, families, and the programs themselves. 


    Investing in Early Childhood

    This year we received a grant for $100K from the Eisner Foundation to launch a multi-pronged program that will provide additional product incentives to help Eisner Pediatric meet key program goals to improve infant health. The program is on target to increase the number of obstetrics and gynecology patients who bring their babies in for well-baby (including vaccinations) pediatric visits by 25%.


    GOOD+ Foundation raised over $7 million in product, in-kind, special events, and financial donations in 2016 (unaudited). Through a combination of special events, including the NY Bash, LA Halloween Bash, NY Fatherhood Lunch, LA Fatherhood Lunch, foundation support, multiple corporate                            supporters, as well as individuals, GOOD+ Foundation raised $2,216,015.46 in financial donation 157 Corporate Donors made 348 do nations of product totaling $5,022,501.55, a 13.95% increase from 2015. This is the highest in the organization’s history, following $4.7M in 2013. Individual Product donation and Drives donated $714,506.01 worth of product to GOOD+ Foundation.


    $.88 of every dollar raised went directly to programs in 2016, exceeding Better Business Bureau Standards.   


    7,457 volunteers donated 13,222.5 hours during 555 events in 2016 (versus 5,291 volunteers, 10,316.5 hours, 477 events in 2015), the highest number of volunteers and volunteer hours in the organization’s history.  Corporate volunteers logged in 5,657 hours in 2016. In 2016, we hosted a total of 197 corporate groups in NY and LA (versus 10 in LA 2015) GOOD+ Foundation volunteers coordinated 155 drives.






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