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The Impact of Corporate Partners on Our Work

April 1, 2016 by GOOD+ Foundation

GOOD+ Foundation began as a mechanism for parents to give their child items to other families in need.  15 years later, we constantly evaluate the value of each item given to each family, and how to make sure these donations – new product from corporate donors, or a like-new item from a donor family – are making a real impact.  Our model of donating our goods through proven antipoverty programs ensures we are maximizing the value of each item.  So, a stroller becomes the incentive that a mother or father needs to get family services or meet a goal that betters the outlook for the whole family.

Corporate partners and volunteer groups enhance our work in so many ways, like special projects that enrich our program donations. For example, Ross Foundation complemented its grant with a Ross employee project to create back to school kits for teen parents who are enrolled with one of our partner programs focused on educational goals. Ross employees helped assemble the kits which included the gear (strollers, car seats and carrier, etc.) paired up with items for the parent’s child including books, back to school supplies and clothing. Ross volunteered 395 hours of time during 12 events.

The impact of such a meaningful, well-packaged donation both from an emotional and financial standpoint is great for our sites and the families they serve.

Through the Ross donation and support from Ross employees, GOOD+ Foundation was able to reach 50 low-income parents and their children through our network of organizations in New York City, including the Forestdale Fathering Initiative in Queens shown below with the Ross donation and kits. 

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