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GOOD+ Foundation and Homeboy Industries: A Transformative Partnership

December 27, 2017 by GOOD+ Foundation

For 30 years, Homeboy Industries has offered a community of hope, training and support for formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women. Our Los Angeles-based non-profit provides an “exit ramp” for ex-offenders and those seeking to escape gang life by developing their strengths and building the skills they need to transform their lives. Homeboy serves more than 8,000 Angelenos a year and supports them as they work to overcome their pasts and reimagine their futures. Many of our clients have children and they are eager to make change not only for themselves, but for their children’s futures. 

Homeboy is committed to healing because we know that a healed person is much less likely to reoffend and continue to transmit his or her trauma to their children. When parents heal from past trauma, they are more present as parents. Their children can flourish in an environment of loving attention.

We work as case managers and provide donated baby supplies to clients most in need through our well-loved baby program. Donations from GOOD+ Foundation are instrumental in our efforts to support parents as they seek to meet the needs of their children.

GOOD+ Foundation alleviates a major financial stress for many of our clients. The organization provides items like strollers and car seats to help our clients build better lives for their families. Without these donations, it would be an incredible challenge to maintain employment and get their kids to school or to the doctor. Without them, many clients would also be unable to participate in our programs and engage in our community of kinship while their children attend school.

To understand just how much easier these donations make life for our clients, take the stories of Jessica, Angie and John–three parents who have greatly benefitted from GOOD+ Foundation’s support. Jessica uses her new stroller to get her two kids to the bus stop safely and efficiently. We have watched her kids giggle as she pushed them while singing a silly song on the way home. Angie can now drive her children to school because of the car seats GOOD+ Foundation provided to her. She now arrives at Homeboy with a greater sense of calm. John enjoys spending time with his kids at the park near his home; the stroller allows him to push home his soundly sleeping son.

When these three parents received car seats and strollers, they also received peace of mind to travel with their children. Thanks to this partnership, our clients and their families, will continue to #GetThere as they work toward long-term goals.

Our founder, and fearless leader, Father Greg Boyle S.J. always encourages us to remember “to stand in awe of what people have to carry, instead of in judgment of how they carry it.” Partnering with GOOD+ Foundation allows us to fully embrace this goal.

In the spirit of kinship and compassion,

Molly Verghese and Molly Hunt

Assistant Case Managers

Homeboy Industries

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