Baby Buggy expands intake and distribution facilities in Los Angeles via its merger with LA Diaper Drive and also organizes its first annual Fatherhood Lunch.

  • On May 18, Baby Buggy merged with LA Diaper Drive, the largest diaper bank in the country. Baby Buggy assumed LA Diaper Drive’s assets and operations, LA Diaper Drive’s founder Caroline Kunitz joined the Board of Directors of Baby Buggy and we hired our first full-time Director for LA Operations. We collected over 2.1 million diapers for nationwide distribution.

  • Baby Buggy organizes its first annual Fatherhood Lunch which includes attendees Hugh Jackman, Michael Strahan, Neil Patrick Harris and more. 
  • Baby Buggy expands intake and distribution facilities in Los Angeles, building on our well-established New York City model, enabling the organization to increase the number of sites served to 79 in New York City, 45 in Los Angeles and to 15 additional cities across the country.

  • Scaled up nationally, donating to Nurse-Family Partnership programs and other partner sites in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Memphis, New Jersey, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco.

  • We were able to successfully meet the demand for 91.83% of all gear requests in New York City.

  • Added second Los Angeles-based board member, Darren Edwards of Credit Suisse.

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