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From Intern to Leader: My Experience with GOOD+ Foundation

March 2, 2017 by Emilia Silverstein

My relationship with GOOD+ Foundation initiated a few years ago when I decided to celebrate my birthday by giving back, while still having a fun time with my close friends. My mom suggested I reach out to GOOD+ Foundation, since we had previously donated gently used clothes to them. Since then, my relationship with GOOD+ Foundation has continued to grow.

I have organized multiple book and toy drives, including a Christmas drive where we collected over 100 books for families in need. In addition to organizing drives, I had the opportunity to intern for GOOD+ Foundation, where I learned many valuable skills and the importance of helping others. In the six short weeks of my internship, I was exposed to the eye-opening hard work that goes into the organization, such as doing the inventory of incoming donations, a job done by the continuous support of the volunteers at GOOD+ Foundation. I learned so much from my experience and am grateful for the opportunity to have interned at GOOD+ Foundation.

My relationship with GOOD+ Foundation did not end after my internship. I started a GOOD+ Leadership Group that meets every Monday at the NY warehouse, where a group of about seven high school girls volunteer for an hour. Last month, I celebrated my 16th birthday by putting together new parent kits with my friends. We placed 16 items in each kit, in honor of my 16th birthday. Ultimately, I admire GOOD+ Foundation’s sincere dedication to end the cycle of family poverty.


If you are interested in hosting a drive for GOOD+ Foundation, contact Melissa at

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