GOOD+ Foundation: Fatherhood Program

The programs we support empower dads so they can fully embrace fatherhood and the responsibilities that accompany this role. Our experience working with vulnerable families has confirmed the research showing that the stereotype of the “deadbeat dad” is simply not accurate for many low-income fathers. There is solid empirical evidence that fathers do make a significant difference in the well-being of their children on a broad range of measures. We recognized early that there was a lack of social services supporting fathers, so we set about expanding our support of fatherhood programs across the country to help spur the movement.

The Importance of Father Presence

GOOD+ Foundation works to promote and expand fatherhood programs and father-inclusive practices across social service sites to help make families stronger. Our fatherhood program partners provide support in positive parenting and discipline strategies, improving the relationship with the child’s mother, and helping a father establish his role within the family. They do so by providing individual, couples and group counseling, as well as referrals for career development, employment assistance, financial literacy programs, other supportive services tailored to their specific needs, as well as bonding experiences for dads and their children.

In 2014 the GOOD+ Foundation Fatherhood Initiative created a Fatherhood Leadership Council, led by Jerry Seinfeld, comprised of nearly 60 fathers to help raise awareness and funds for this new initiative.


Our Impact on Fathers and Partner Programs

GOOD+ Foundation completed an independent program evaluation by LeSar Development Consultants in 2016 revealing the impact of GOOD+ Foundation donations on both fathers and the programs served. The study revealed that the impact of GOOD+ Foundation donations on fathers and their children is undeniable. 82 percent of fathers reported that GOOD+ donations improved their relationship with their child’s mother or relatives, and 82 percent reported the donations made them feel more like a dad to their child. 

Our Other Focus Areas

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