GOOD+ Foundation Staff


Katherine Snider, Executive Director

Katherine joined Baby Buggy in 2008 as Deputy Director and assumed the role of Executive Director in 2009. She initiated the launch of the Fatherhood Initiative and Superstorm Sandy relief and led the organization through key milestones including the merger with LA Diaper Drive, the Seventh Generation partnership and the national distribution scale-up. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Katherine received her BA in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. She has over twenty years of experience in non-profit management, including serving as an Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation and Vice President of Public Affairs for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Katherine is the mom of two boys and “found” Baby Buggy in 2005 when she was looking for a place to take her sons’ gently used stroller and swing. She fell in love with the organization then and is now a proud member of the GOOD+ Foundation team.


Laurel Parker West, Ph. D., Vice President of National Programs & Operations

At GOOD+ Foundation, Laurel works to ensure that all of our programs are working towards our goal of helping all children outgrow poverty. Before joining GOOD+ Foundation, Laurel was the Executive Director of the Women’s Fund of Long Island and the Wyoming Women’s Foundation, and has spent her entire career in the nonprofit sector implementing and researching poverty solutions. Laurel’s favorite part of her job is when she gets to visit grantee partners in person and hear directly from social workers, program leaders, and families about how GOOD+ Foundation donations are making their programs even stronger.


Libby Schnee, Senior Director of Development & Communications

Libby is the director of all communications and development initiatives for GOOD+ Foundation. With an MS in fundraising, she has more than 20 years of experience in integrated brand communications and activation programs in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, and has received more than 20 public relations industry awards. Libby loves the culture and mission of the organization, and seeing her own kids’ clothing donations get passed on to another family in need.


Carly Harrill, LA Managing Director

Carly oversees all day-to-day operations, programming and fundraising efforts for our Los Angeles office and leads the charge to maximize the impact of the organization’s donations on the West Coast. Previously, Carly was the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Healthy Child Healthy World—now operated under the Environmental Working Group—a national non–profit dedicated to protecting children from environmental toxins. Carly loves GOOD+ Foundation because we believe that everyone deserves the things they need to take care of their children—we all fall on hard times at some point in our lives and sometimes it just takes one act of compassion to alter the outcome.


Aubree Oakes Slaven, Director of Sponsorship & Events

Aubree manages all GOOD+ Foundation sponsorship and events, including fundraisers and marketing activations, along with the Friends of GOOD+ and other marketing initiatives. Aubree launched her career in entertainment PR and events which is what initially led her to GOOD+ Foundation and she has evolved within the organization over the past 5 years. Aubree looks forward to when she has a family of her own since her time at GOOD+ Foundation has taught her everything there is to know about preparing for a new baby!


Erin Berger, Director of Corporate Product Outreach

Erin works to secure critical product and goods for our grantee partners and the families they serve. Previously, Erin worked for PENCIL, a NYC-based non-profit organization that helps bridge the gap between business and public education. Since she joined GOOD+ Foundation in 2001, you can always hear Erin being introduced to donors and friends as “employee number 1.”


Melissa Stein, LMSW, NY Volunteer Program Manager

Melissa manages the thousands of volunteers who donate their time to GOOD+ Foundation every year. Prior to joining the GOOD+ Foundation team, Melissa received her Master’s in Social Work from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Thanks to her time at GOOD+ Foundation, Melissa has become the go-to non-mommy expert for all her friends and family who are building a baby registry or looking for that perfect baby gift!


Rick Justiniano, Operations & Facilities Manager

Rick has been managing all operations of the GOOD+ Foundation warehouse since 2010, including receiving all product donations from corporate and individual donors, managing the warehouse space/logistics and helping facilitate outgoing donations to our grantee partners. Rick was born and raised in NYC and has spent his entire career working in the non-profit sector providing much-needed services to the community. As a father of two girls, he believes in the mission of GOOD+ Foundation and enjoys his position as Operations & Facilities Manager, aka ‘The Lord of The Loft.’


Jomael Young, Fatherhood Program Manager

Jomael worked in the fatherhood advocacy realm for 10 years, helping to guide low-income dads in areas ranging from child support to healthy communication before becoming the Fatherhood Program Manager at GOOD+ Foundation. Jomael is now using his experience and expertise to bolster GOOD+ Foundation’s efforts to promote and support engaged fatherhood by strengthening our partnerships with quality fatherhood programs in New York and Los Angeles. After working in the fatherhood space for 10 years, Jomael became a father for the first time to a baby boy in 2016!


Abdulai Aidoo, CPA, MBA, Accounting & Database Manager

Aidoo handles all bookkeeping for GOOD+ Foundation and ensures best practice financial and record-keeping principles according to Better Business Bureau standards. Having joined the organization in 2016, Aidoo brings a great deal of experience in accounting, having previously working with the NYC Department of Transportation and an international wealth tax company. He spends his spare time volunteering and doing pro bono tax and accounting work for other non profit organizations. Aidoo enjoys working at GOOD+ Foundation because the organization is focused on supporting the welfare and greater good of families, and family is very important to him. Aidoo began his accounting career working for his mum’s bakery in Ghana. 



Alexia Chalita, MBA, Marketing and Individual Giving Manager

Alexia manages the marketing and individual giving for GOOD+ Foundation. Prior to joining the team, Alexia received her MBA in Marketing and Bachelors in Communications from California Lutheran University. Alexia has extensive marketing experience, including working with small businesses and corporations. Apart from her experience, Alexia brings bilingual  (Spanish/English) abilities to the team. Alexia is very excited to join the GOOD+ team and enter the wonderful world of nonprofit!


Jackie Rae Petta, LA Community Relations & Development Coordinator

As the Community Relations and Development Coordinator, Jackie Rae works to build community ties and engage volunteers in the Los Angeles area. After earning her BS degree at Northern Arizona University, she enjoyed the opportunity to travel across the United States and Canada as a consultant for her international sorority headquarters. Prior to joining the GOOD+ Foundation, Jackie Rae worked and volunteered at nonprofit organizations, sharpening her skills in event planning, fundraising and promoting a philanthropic mindset among her peers. 


Valaya Johnson, MPH, LA Program Coordinator

Valaya acts as the liaison to our network of Los Angeles grantee partners, ensuring the timely distribution of goods to the families who need it most. Before joining GOOD+ Foundation, Valaya received her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Southern California and interned as a health educator for the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Program. Valaya is thrilled to be a part of the GOOD+ Foundation team and loves how the organization is empowering families in order to break the cycle of poverty.


Lo Funes, NY Program Coordinator

As the NY Program Coordinator, Lo cultivates and maintains strong relationships between GOOD+ Foundation and our network of NY grantee partners. Lo holds a B.A in Psychology from SUNY- Buffalo with over 10 years of experience working with families and community development- acting as program coordinator and social services counselor. Lo is thrilled to be a part of the team and with their support aims to rid her reluctance of holding babies.


Kelly Powers, NY Donations & Volunteer Program Assistant

Kelly is the Volunteer and Donations Program Assistant at GOOD+ Foundation. She works closely with our volunteers and all incoming New York donations. Before coming to GOOD+ Foundation, Kelly spent time volunteering at animal and human welfare nonprofits in both Thailand and Guatemala. She also managed a group home at Eden Autism Services and conducted research at Rutgers University, while completing her BA in Psychology. When she’s not at the warehouse shuffling through baby clothes and planning her future children’s outfits, she can be found relaxing at the Williamsburg Waterfront Pier with an iced coffee in one hand and a good book in the other.


Jenny Huipe, LA Donations & Warehouse Assistant

Jennifer “Jenny” Huipe is the LA Donations & Warehouse Assistant. Jenny oversees all incoming product donations from corporate and individual donors, along with managing the LA warehouse space. Prior to joining the team, Jenny directly supervised the inventory control and quality assurance department at the Amazon warehouse in Tracy, Ca. Her background in inventory control ensures that all donations are processed accurately and efficiently in order to reach our families in need in a timely manner. GOOD+ Foundation is Jenny’s first foray into non-profit and she is looking forward to seeing firsthand the positive ways that GOOD+ Foundation influences families!